Sunday, July 4, 2010

An Update

72nd Street - looking NW

This odd looking structure is part of the steel form that is being used to cast a concrete lining for the 72nd Street work shaft. This shaft, and the other one that's just like it [at 69th Street], will be used during the construction of the 72nd Street station.

When the construction of the new station is finished both shafts will be sealed up.

just south of 72nd Street - looking N

Another view of the work site at this location. Note the yellow rectangular crane cage on the left-hand side of the image. This cage is used to lower workers down into the hole.

This is a closeup view of the steel form.

72nd Street - looking N

82nd Streets - looking N

Utility line relocation work continues. Workers here are preparing to install either a new water main or a new gas main.

This is brand new electrically operated shutoff valve that will soon be installed.

This is close-up view of a saw that is used for cutting through the surface of the road or the sidewalk.

just south of 86th Street - looking E

A view, from the other side of Second Avenue, of Schaller & Weber.

This image shows four new sections of cement ductwork [for electric cables] that have recently been installed.

86th Street - SW corner - looking N

This now vacant location is the future home of the Ancillary Building No. 2 for the 86th Street station. The Chase branch that was at this location recently moved across the street, to the SW corner of 86th Street and 2nd Avenue.

91st Street - looking N

This Swedish made fan unit was delivered about a week ago. It will be used as part of the underground ventilation system while the tunnels are under construction. Before long it will be lowered down into the launch box by the crane that is partially shown in this image.

btw. 91st and 92nd streets

A collection of steel cables.

Just south of 97th Street - looking W

This is an the lot where Ancillary Building No. 2 for the 96th Street station will eventually be built. Workers at the moment are using a technique known as soil grouting to improve the ground in around this work area.

If you look closely at this image you can see a set of wooden braces that have been erected to provide additional support to the rear of the building on the left, which is 1873 Second Avenue.

Another view of the same lot. The pipes shown here are used during the soil grouting process.

near 93rd and 2nd - looking SW

Here's a recent view of the vertical elevator structure.

Over the past few weeks the structure has been covered with a combination of plywood and heavy green fabric. The plywood and fabric helps to keep down the dust that may be produced when the vertical elevator is in operation - and I suppose that it also makes the structure, which sits in a residential neighborhood, look a little more attractive.

East 93rd - looking SW


The same view, about 4 weeks ago.


6/29/10 - about 8.30 a.m.
Courtesy of JSL

In this image the crane on the right is about to lower the smaller crane on the left down into the launch box through the glory hole at 92nd Street.

Courtesy of JSL

Down it goes.


In other news . . .

The MTA recently issued an Invitation For Bid (IFB) Notice for Contract 3 of Phase I of the Second Avenue subway project.

This contract, which is known within the MTA as Solicitation Number C-26006, is for the complete rehabilitation of the existing 63rd Street station. This contract also includes the construction of new station entrances on 3rd Avenue.

The current bid opening date for this contract is 8/17/10.


The Second Avenue Business Association (SABA) in conjunction with CIVITAS has launched a new blog and Facebook page called the Second Avenue Shopper - and The Second Avenue Shopper on Facebook.

The purpose of the new blog is to: inform the public of events of interest taking place along 2nd Avenue on the Upper East Side, update daily specials from local 2nd Avenue merchants from 63rd to 97th streets who are impacted by the subway construction, attract foot traffic to 2nd Avenue stores, and enhance the Shop 2nd Avenue brand.


Here's a listing of the recent additions
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Determination and Findings - Second Avenue Subway
MTA Staff Summary for the MTA Board of Directors Meeting - June 2010
- Acquisition of a Fee Interest and Permanent and Temporary Easements and Terminations of Rights for Sidewalk Encroachments in Properties.
Contracts 3, 4 and 5 of Phase 1 of the Second Avenue Subway Project.

Underground Construction Regulations
Standard 1926.800
U.S.Department of Labor
Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA)

Under Notices & Posters:


btw. 90th and 91st streets
as of Thursday, July 1st