Sunday, January 1, 2017


I can't top the New York Times, so please have a look at their updates on the opening of Phase 1 of the Second Avenue Subway on this link:

Second Avenue Subway Opens: Updates
By Emma Fitzsimmons, Emily Palmer, Noah Remnick, Daniel Slotnik and Jonathan Wolfe
The New York Times | January 1, 2017

"Introducing the Second Avenue Subway" (11:31)
Metropolitan Transportation Authority | 1/1/2017

A wonderful video that covers the history, the planning, the construction and the artwork of what is the Second Avenue Subway in New York City.

Here's a collection of notable stories, videos, and pictures from today's start of Revenue Service for Phase 1 of the project.

"New Subway Smell: Second Avenue Subway Opens On New Year's Day"
By Scott Heins | Gothamist | January 1, 2017

"The First Day in the Life of the Second Avenue Subway"
By Jen Kirby | New York Magazine | January 1, 2017

The first incident on the new line.

"Second Avenue Subway Opens" (1:41)
WNYC | January 1, 2017

Here's a listing of the recent additions
to the right-hand column of The Launch Box:

"NYC's Second Avenue Subway Set To Open After Decades Of Delays"
By Craig Melvin | TODAY | December 30, 2016

"Second Avenue Subway's Arrival Brings Fear That Rents Will Soar"
By Emma Fitzsimmons | The New York Times | December 30, 2016

"Second Avenue Subway Ringing In New Year With Party"
By Sarah Maslin | The New York Times | December 29, 2016

"A Long Wait for the Second Avenue Subway, but Worth It"
By Emma Fitzsimmons | The New York Times | December 28, 2016

"Gov. Cuomo to take inaugural ride of Second Ave. subway on New Year's Eve"
By Dan Rivoli | Daily News | December 27, 2016