Monday, April 13, 2009

A View From Above

And now, we have some pictures of the work site from above --
thanks to Kevin Edge.

Kevin was visiting New York, from England, a few weeks ago and he took two sets of images of the work site, from his room on the 30th floor of The Marmara Manhattan Hotel at 301 East 94th Street (btw. 94th and 95th on the east side of Second Avenue).

Thank you again Kevin for sharing your images with me,
and the viewers of The Launch Box.

Left-click on any image
to view its full size.

looking south,
from just north of 93rd to a point just south of 91st - 3/19/08
In this image the active work area is clearly shown on the east half of 2nd Avenue, while the west half of the avenue remains open to for 4 lanes of southbound traffic. The machines in this image are being used by the contractors to install secant piles and slurry walls to form the eastern edge of the TBM Launch Box.

looking straight down
btw. 94th and 95th - 3/17/09
In the middle of the picture you have a top-down view of the CMV TL50 Hydraulic Crane, which I'm told is referred to as the Casa Grande by the workers on the site. This is one of the machines that is use to dig the holes for the slurry walls.

same location (the cross street on the right is 95th, ) - 3/17/09

the cross street here is 94th - 3/17/09
Just north of the intersection is one of the big Liebherr HS 885 crawler cranes.

A close up, top-down view, of the same crane.

2nd Avenue, at 95th, looking North - 3/19/09
Here the the contractors are installing a section of 42" pipe that will be used to replace a cast iron water main (visible in the image above and below) at this location. (Notice how the traffic on Second Avenue has been reduced to a single lane on the west side of the avenue.)

the same view - 3/19/09
This image was taken just after the new section of pipe had been lowered into position in the trench.

Looking north up 2nd Avenue, from 96th - 3/19/09
And in this image you see how far the traffic backed up on 2nd Avenue during the installation of the pipe for the new water main.


Anonymous said...

Hello, do you know whats in those giant green dumpster looking things on 93rd street - just off 2nd ave? have heard its chemicals???

Ben said...

I don't know, so I sent a message to the MTA with the question. As soon as I have an answer I'll post it here.