Monday, June 10, 2013

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

The MTA's staff photographer Patrick Cashin has been capturing the progression of the Second Avenue Subway project since 2009 through images that the MTA has been posting on Flickr.

He recently talked about his work in this short video that was produced by the folks at Flickr:

Digging NYC's Second Avenue Subway (2:48)
The Weekly Flickr

Flickr's writeup on Patrick's work can be found on this link:
NYC’s massive subway project

A few of Patrick's most recent images follow --

Metropolitan Transportation Authority / Patrick Cashin

The full length of the cavern that will soon become the new 72nd Street station under Second Avenue.

Metropolitan Transportation Authority / Patrick Cashin

A concrete form used for lining the tunnels.  Clearly not something you would find at Home Depot.

Metropolitan Transportation Authority / Patrick Cashin

Another view of the 72nd Street cavern.

Note the reflection of the ceiling in the standing water on the floor.

Metropolitan Transportation Authority / Patrick Cashin

Metropolitan Transportation Authority / Patrick Cashin

A view of one of the few remaining sections of raw tunnel waiting to be waterproofed and lined with concrete.

Additional images of the 72nd Street cavern can be found on these two links:
72nd Street Station Construction Update - May 2013

72nd Street Station Construction Update
By Rehema Trimiew / MTA Capital Construction

In other news, the MTA recently awarded the tenth and final contract for Phase I of the project.

The so-called 86th Street Station Finishes Contact (i.e. finishes, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, ancillary buildings and entrances) was awarded to 86th Street Constructors JV, a joint venture of Schiavone Construction Co. and John P. Picone, Inc.

Here are the bid results, from the MTA's web site, for those who are interested:

RFQ#: 44740
Bid Close Date: 4/10/2013
Description: C26012 86th Street Entrances, Ancillary Builbings, Finishes and MEP Equipment (Second Avenue Subway Project)

1. 86th Street Constructors JV - $208,376,000
2. Skanska-Railworks SAS Station JV - $258,780,000
3. E.E. Cruz & Tully Construction Co. - $259,561,000
4. CCA Civil-Plaza Construction JV - $265,000,000
5. Judlau Contracting Inc. - $268,000,000.00

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Volume XIV, June 2013

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