Sunday, October 28, 2007

October 28, 2007

A hydraulic hammer
The tool of choice, for the moment.

Another hydraulic hammer - the "Rockblaster."

These bags are normally used to remove dirt and debris in a trench or hole. They are filled by hand and then lifted out of the trench with a backhoe or excavator.

A water cooler sitting on top of an old man hole. Note the jackhammer on the right.

If I'm not mistaken, this was once the base of an traffic signal pole.

A fire hydrant that is obviously no longer in service.

on 91st street - just west of 2nd Avenue
This hole was opened in the last few days.

Trench work continues.

All of these pipes, wires and cables must be relocated to make room for the launch box.

A nice example of the heavy planking that is used to support the walls of a trench as it is dug deeper and deeper.

94th at the SW corner - looking South
Three images have been stitched together
into a single image here.
At the top of the image the view is looking
down 2nd Avenue -- and at the bottom
the viewer is looking straight down into the trench.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

October 14, 2007

various locations on 2nd Avenue
This poster started to appear after the last Community Board 8 meeting. Right after the meeting I spotted about 2 dozen of them, but on the day that I went out to take pictures I only could find 2 - on 95th street.

95th street, NW corner - looking south
In this image you see the barrier that has been erected to try and get pedestrians to use the temporary crosswalks. My observations suggest that most people continue to walk where ever they want - as is evident in this picture!

btw. 94th and 95th, west side of the avenue
Almost all of the work at the moment is focused on digging a new trench for the sewer line that will replace the existing sewer line that (today) is in the middle of 2nd Avenue.

A self portrait, of sorts.

Old cast iron sewer lines.

btw. 92nd and 93rd, west side of the street - looking west.
This machine, an excavator with a hydraulic hammer connected to it, is being used to clear the trench for the new sewer line.

btw. 92nd and 93rd, west side of the avenue - looking north
Another view of the new trench for the sewer line. The temporary bridge, I think, is just an emergency exit from the building.

btw. 92nd and 93rd, west side of the avenue - looking west
There's an enormous amount of work going on right in front of the Key Food store at this location. The wooden ramp on the left is used in the morning for deliveries to the store.