Thursday, October 2, 2014

"Finally, a 2nd Ave. Subway"

Living City | Finally a 2nd Ave. Subway (6:35)
Video by Melanie Burford and Greg Moyer
The New York Times

This interesting video, which is part of a 6-part series that launched last month called "Living City", was posted on the New York Times web site this afternoon.

Produced by Melanie Burford and Greg Moyer of Blue Chalk for The New York Times, each episode looks at various parts of New York City infrastructure by asking simple questions about big engineering systems using graphics, animation, interviews and knowledgeable guides.

The video, which was put together by a credited production staff of fourteen people is, as one would expect, very professional.

The accompanying 1,500 word article can be found on this link:

"Promise of New Subways Has West Siders Excited and East Siders Skeptical"
By Tatiana Schlossberg
The New York Times

And here are the link to the previous episodes from this series:

Living City | Where Does Our Trash Go? (7:47)
The New York Times via YouTube

Living City | A Tale of Two Bridges (7:09)
The New York Times via YouTube

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