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Announced Revenue Service Dates

Planned Revenue Service Date for Phase 1


Second Avenue Subway
Announced Revenue Service Dates over the Years


Second Avenue Subway Quarterly Report, p.5


Second Avenue Subway Quarterly Report, p.3

7/2016 - 7/2017

MTA Capital Construction presentation to the
Construction, Planning and Real Estate Committee of the MTA Board - 7/22/09


Source: Second Ave. Sagas - 10/31/08


"The line is scheduled to open in 2014."
Metropolitan Transportation Authority Press Release - 11/19/07


"This first phase will be an extension of Q Line service, which now terminates at 57th St. and 7th Ave. Ridership projections expect weekday usage of more than 200,000 customers when trains begin running in 2013, taking 3,800 daily vehicular trips off of local roads."
Metropolitan Transportation Authority Press Release - 4/12/07


"As far as I am concerned, my people say they can meet that date and that's what I'll go with,'' he [Peter S. Kalikow, MTA Chairman in 2005] said. 'You'll come to the meetings and see the reports. You won't have to wait until 2012 to see whether we're on time or not.' "
"Bond Passed. Now Comes the Hard Part: Actually Building a 2nd Avenue Subway"
The New York Times -

A few dates from a previous attempt to build the
Second Avenue subway, in the 1970s.

Ground was first broken 10/28/72. Work was halted in 1975 due to funding problems.

"The Metropolitan Transportation Authority announced yesterday that 'completion of the Second Avenue subway would be delayed at least five or six years, until about 1986, because "costs have spiraled greatly."
"2d Ave. Subway Delayed till '86 As Costs Spiral"
The New York Times - 11/1/74


"A top Federal transit official [Frank C. Herringer, administrator of the Urban Mass Transit Administration] warned yesterday that it could easily take an extra five years beyond the 1981 target date to finish the Second Avenue Subway if the city used its Federal transit aid largely to meet meet operating deficits."
"Warning is Given On New Subway"
The New York Times - 10/16/74


"Committed to a 1980 completion date, the city, Mayor Lindsey said, will undertake various sections of the line, knowing that it has Federal help to finish them."
"Ground Broken for 2d Ave. Link"
The New York Times - 10/25/73

1976 & 1979

"In approving the contract, Mayor Lindsay said that the design work should be completed in about 18 months and construction finished [for the section between 34th and 125th Streets] by 1976. A target date of 1979 has been set for the completion of the entire Second Avenue subway beyond 125th and 34th Streets."
"Design Pact Set for New Subway:
$11.6-Million Contract Let on Plans for 2d Ave. Line"
The New York Times - 8/17/70

There was a attempt to start construction of the Second Avenue Subway in the early 1950's, when the New York City Board of Estimate approved $500,000,000 for the project on September 13, 1951.

Work was to have begun in the fall of 1952, but that was not to be. In the end, most of the funds that had been allocated for the new line of Second Avenue were used to maintain and modernize the then-current system.


"Work on the proposed Second Avenue Subway, tentatively scheduled to begin in the fall, may be indefinitely postponed because of a warning from Controller Lazarus Joseph . . ." [see the citation below for the reference to a 5-year construction time frame.]
"City's Huge Debt May Delay Start of 2d Ave. Subway"
The New York Times, 8/18/52


"Construction of the Second Avenue subway and connections will cost $450,000,000, based on last January's prices, and construction is to be completed in five years, . . "
"$500,000,000 Voted for Second Avenue Subway By Board of Estimate"
The New York Times, 9/14/51