Monday, April 12, 2010

TBM Delivery Notice

The following notice was just posted on the Community Board 8 web site:


Tunnel Boring Machine Delivery Notice

Over the next three weeks, between April 12 – 30, 2010, we plan to deliver to the work site and start assembly of the 22-foot diameter Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM), all its associated back-up equipment, as well as the excavation material haulage system and removal equipment.

The TBM and associated back-up equipment are over 300 feet long, and consists of the TBM itself and eighteen double-deck rail cars on which the actual back-up equipment is carried. In addition, locomotives to haul material into the tunnel and rail cars for removal of excavated material will also be delivered.

The total weight of the TBM itself is of the order of 485 tons, and will therefore be delivered in smaller pieces and assembled on site. Some of the individual heavier components of the TBM weigh between 60 to 125 tons.

Similarly, the rail cars and back-up equipment will be delivered as individual components and installed/assembled in the Launch Box. All lowering of the TBM and back-up components will take place at the deck opening between 92nd and 91st Streets. A large crane will be located south of this deck opening to perform the lowering operations.

Due to the size of the machinery and DOT oversize load restrictions, the delivery of this equipment will need to occur at night between the hours of 11:00 pm and 6:00 am, on weekdays only.

Lifting the equipment off the trucks and lowering into the launch Box will require up to three lanes of Second Avenue to be closed to traffic for two weeks (April 12 through April 23) and one lane for one week (April 26 through April 30) between the hours of 11:00 pm and 6:00 am. In addition, all lanes will be shut down during the actual pick of the equipment for safety reasons. Second Avenue will remain open to traffic during other times.

Staging of the delivery trucks will be alongside the Launch Box and possibly at discrete locations north of 95th Street.

Please be advised that a safe work plan for this operation is in place. Due to the nature of this extended operation and safety precautions to be taken, the area will be lighted and some noise during its performance is unavoidable.

MTACC will make every effort to minimize any impact to the community during these night-time hours.


The notice that was posted was not on letterhead and it was not signed by any person or organization, but I would assume that it was issued by MTA Capital Construction.

Tunnel Boring Machine Delivery Notice - 4/12/10
Community Board 8 website

A Footnote:

I'd love to post a few pictures of the TBM parts being lowered into the hole at 92nd Street during the wee hours of the morning.

People who live across the street in the Knickerbocker Plaza building probably have the best vintage point from which to take a few shots, if they're awake. And of course anyone who happens to be walking by the site after midnight, or the workers on the project, could snap a few shots with a camera phone.

Pictures can be sent to the e-mail address TheLaunchBoxBlog AT -- or just post them on Flikr and drop me a note to tell me where to find them.

Remember - when taking pictures in low light conditions it's always a good idea to brace your camera against a firm object, like a wall, to reduce the chance that the image will be blurry.

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jmp said...

Please tell me that the MTA has enough foresight to place a time lapse camera overlooking the sight for the next few weeks. Perhaps you could suggest it to them if you're in touch with someone from the agency...