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Fire at 1751 Second Avenue

What follows is a posting about the two-alarm fire that occurred at the Knickerbocker Plaza apartment building at 1751 Second Avenue on Saturday afternoon, March 20, 2010.

This posting has nothing to do with the construction of the Second Avenue subway.


Update - 3/9/2012
There was yet another two-alarm fire in Knickerbocker Plaza last night. NBC's report of the blaze can be found on this link: "19 hurt after fire in 40-story building on NYC's Second Avenue".

Update - 4/25/2010
A copy of the 8-page Fire Department New York (FDNY) Incident Report for this fire has now been added to this posting.

Update - 8/29/2010
A copy of the FDNY Fire Marshal's report for this incident has now been added to this posting.


On Saturday afternoon at about 5:15 PM I was in my apartment on 92nd Street when I heard the sound of multiple fire trucks that were clearly in a hurry.

I walked to my window and looked north towards Second Avenue and what I saw was a gathering crowd starring up at the Knickerbocker Plaza apartment building in the west side of the avenue.

I grabbed my camera and ran to the corner to watch and record the unfolding drama.

SE corner of East 92nd & Second Avenue - looking W

The fire, clearly visible in this photo, is in apartment 14J of this 40-story high-rise apartment building.

New York City Fire Department (FDNY) sources [on the Internet] reported that the first alarm was struck at 5:15 PM with multiple reports of "smoke coming from the 12th or 13 floor" of the building located at 1751 Second Avenue.

FDNY radio transmitted a Code 10-77 (High-rise multiple dwelling fire) soon after the first trucks arrived on the scene. The initial response to a Code 10-77 fire is 5 engines, 5 ladders, 3 battalion chiefs, 1 deputy, 1 rescue, 1 squad, the Special Operations battalion chief, and a safety coordinator.

The crane in the foreground is part of the Second Avenue subway construction project.

Second Avenue btw. 91st & 92nd - looking W

A second alarm was struck by the commander of FDNY Battalion 10 at 5:25 PM.

Shortly thereafter FDNY radio reported that the fire had spread to the 15th floor of the building and Attack Level A was being implemented. (FDNY Attack Level A is the highest threat/greatest protection, for a fire/rescue situation. This would include SCBA [self contained breathing apparatus], turnout coat and pants, boots, gloves, and a heavy helmet.)

A fire at 1751 Second Avenue - 3/20/10
via YouTube

With the building's standpipes now fully charged with water, the FDNY is shown here attacking the fire from the inside with high pressure hoses.

FDNY radio reported that the fire was "knocked down" at 5:36 PM.

near the NE corner of 92nd & Second Avenue - looking SW

WABC-TV/DT reported that nine people were injured, one seriously, in the fire.

This is the second 2-alarm fire to occur in this building in less than a year. The previous major fire was on June 17, 2009 on the 9th floor of the building.


"Still no cause of UES high-rise fire" (video)
WABC-TV/DT New York - 3/21/10
Includes 2 viewer submitted videos of the fire. Both videos were taken while hanging out the window of the burning building.

FDNY Manhattan 10-77 Box 1219 Fire in a High Rise Scanner Audio (8:19)

"What's the Deal With Standpipes?" (1:55)
By Andrew Siff WNBC-TV New York - 2/4/10


The Fire Department New York (FDNY) Incident Report (copy appended below) for this fire states that, "it is believed the fire started in a power strip located on the floor by the A/C [air conditioner]."

FDNY Incident Report - 1751 Second Avenue - 3/20/2010 :: FDNY Fire Marshal's Report - 1751 Second Avenue - 3/20/2010

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