Sunday, February 21, 2010

February 20, 2010

NE corner of 97th - looking SW

Slowly by surely the old Century Lumber building now disappears. It's being demolished to make room for one of the 96th Street station ancillary buildings.

Another shot of the same location, taken 8 weeks earlier.

93rd - looking NE

The portable office (on the left) arrived at the site about a week ago.

The temporary offices on the right, used by S3 Tunnel Constructors, have been at this location since work started back in early 2007.

91st, SE corner - looking NE

Workers in this image are setting up Jersey barriers before they start to remove part of the roadway using jackhammers.

87th, SE corner - looking N

Various new sections of gas main lay here waiting to be installed.

87th - looking S

The relocation of utility lines continues in the work zone between 82nd and 87th Streets.

These cables would appear to be high voltage ConEd power lines.

btw. 86th and 87th - looking NW

84th - looking S

82nd - looking S

71st, SE corner - looking W

The name plate on this 30" valve says that its rated for 740 PSIG [pounds per square inch] maximum operating pressure, or 665 PSIG at 250 degrees Fahrenheit, which would suggest that it will be used on ConEd's steam distribution network.

What's interesting that the name plate also says that this valve was manufactured in May 1993. So apparently ConEd had this valve in their spares inventory for more than a few years, or it was left over from some other project.

just north of 72nd - looking SW

Work continues on the shaft at this location.

In this shot you can clearly see the steel ring beams that support the outer walls.

Another shot of the same location.

btw. 72nd and 73rd - looking W

A pile of eight blasting mats are shown here. The mats are laid on top of the rock before blasting takes place.

73rd - looking S

The little red box in this image is used for the temporary storage of explosives. The door is open because the box is empty. I believe that NYFD Blasting Regulations do not allow for the storage of explosives at a work site overnight.

69th - looking NW

Work at the other shaft site is shown in this shot. Note the large piece of bedrock in the hole - just to the left of the center.


btw. 92nd and 93rd

In this shot you can clearly see the external support beams that the MTA's contractors installed on the building at 1766/1678 Second Avenue. The beams were installed as part of a larger effort to stabilize the building at this location.

This building has been vacant since it was evacuated by emergency order of the Department of Buildings back in June 2009. (see the June 29-30, 2009 posting for further details.)

And a closer look at the external beams that have been installed.


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