Thursday, July 9, 2009

July 9, 2009

Community Board 8 sent out an e-mail this morning,
with the following announcement:



The Second Avenue Subway project will be using a well established excavation technique called controlled blasting to facilitate the excavation of the Tunnel Boring Machine Launch Box. Controlled blasting activities are scheduled to begin early to mid July 2009.

The Fire Department of New York (FDNY) has approved a controlled blasting plan for the area of 2nd Avenue between 91st and 93rd Street which will be carried out in coordination with the MTA and S3 Tunnel Constructors. All blasting will be conducted under the direction and regulations of the FDNY.

Blasting is permitted to take place during the approved Second Ave Subway working hours of 7am to 10pm., although, every effort will be made to limit blasting to daylight hours.

Blasting Procedures

All pedestrian and vehicle traffic will be temporarily stopped during each blast occurrence. Blasting will occur approximately 4 to 5 times daily, with each blast lasting no more than one minute.

There will be a warning whistle before each blast
  • 1 whistle as a warning sound
  • 2 whistles indicate the blast is imminent
  • 3 whistles indicate the blast is complete and all is clear.
Flagging personnel will be positioned at the north, south, east and west corners of the blast zone to inform and direct pedestrians.

Signs will be posted around the work site that will state:

As required by New York State regulations, all explosive materials are delivered to and from the work site daily.

Vibration and noise limits have been established by the MTA and the project designer. The vibration and noise readings will be monitored by the construction management team.

Please direct any questions or concerns to Marcus Book, Assistant Director, MTA NYC Transit Government and Community Relations at 646-252-2675 or Claudia Wilson at the work site at 212-792-9716



Anonymous said...

Hello, do you know when the blasting will be finished in the area? by August? a few weeks, months? Thanks. Love your blog - keep it up!!!!!!

Ben said...

I seem to recall that the contractor said, at the last Community Board 8 Second Avenue Subway Task Force Meeting, that the blasting work would take 2-3 months.


jmp said...

Am I guessing correctly that they'll wait to commence blasting until after they complete the decking over the launch box? From what I know about this sort of blasting, it sends off a pretty big wave of dust, which would be much more easily contained if the launch box is closed when the blasts are set off.