Friday, February 29, 2008

February 29, 2008

btw. 91st & 92nd, E side of 2nd avenue - looking N
The work area was shifted to the east side of 2nd avenue earlier this week, on Monday, February 25th.

92nd and 2nd avenue, SE corner - looking N
The rigs (2 shown) are drilling core samples of the bedrock below the surface.

93rd and 2nd Avenue - looking N
The pavement has been removed in the center of 2nd avenue and workers are excavating so that they can begin the process to remove the 48" sewer main in the middle of the street.

95th & 2nd avenue - looking S
The right hand traffic lane normally would be open during the rush hour, allowing 4 lanes of traffic, but today (at 7.30 AM) Verizon had some work that they needed to do.

95th & 2nd Avenue
The sidewalk on the west side of the avenue has been restored -- at a reduced width of 7 feet. Note that access to the building cellars was not restored when the new sidewalk was layed down. One would hope that cellar access will be restored once the sidewalk is returned to it's normal width.

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