Sunday, February 10, 2008

February 10, 2008

btw. 94th & 95th, west side - looking S
One of many new pieces of sidewalk
on the west side of 2nd Avenue.

at the same location - looking N
The sign on the door says that workers will start constructing the new sidewalk, at this location, on Saturday 02/09.

A lot of utility work remains to be completed in the intersections between 92nd and 95th - but work is clearly progressing.

92nd, NW corner - W side
The sidewalk directly in front of the Key Food store was restored about ten days ago.

This odd looking piece of concrete (with the board across it) was poured last week. First workers poured concrete around the outside of a steel mold - and then a few days later workers removed the mold and poured concrete on the inside. (i.e the darker concrete.) I have no idea, at the moment, what this is for.

Update - 03/02/2007
I now believe that these are "secant pile walls" -- which will form the outside of the Launch Box at this location.

Another view of the same piece of concrete.

btw. 93rd & 94th, west side of the avenue
Vector control (i.e. a rat trap.)
(To be honest, I've seen very view rats in and
around the work site.)

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