Sunday, March 2, 2008

March 2, 2008

92nd, in the middle of 2nd avenue - looking E
In front of Delizia
Note the large concrete & asphalt saw - on the right.

92nd, NE corner - looking S
A maze of fencing has sprung up at this location in the past week.

92nd, near the SE corner - looking NW

same location - 2 days earlier
This image, and the one before it, give you an idea how quickly work is progressing.

91st - looking N
Traffic (3-4 lanes depending on time of day, and day of the week) now flows on the west side of 2nd avenue, while construction work progresses on the east side of the avenue.

another view - from the SW corner of 91st

94th - looking S
Note the 4 old brick foundations that have recently been uncovered in the center of 2nd avenue between 93rd and 94th. These very well could be original support foundations from the old 2nd Avenue elevated railway line.

a closer view of one of the brick foundations.
Note the bolts(?) on the top that appear to have been cut off. One might guess that these bolts were used to affix a vertical beam to the brick foundation -- like the beams shown in the photo below.

Update - 03/06/2008
These old foundations are now gone...

93rd(?) & 2nd avenue - looking N
The 2nd Avenue El - 92nd street station - ca. 1940

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