Sunday, January 20, 2008

January 20, 2008

btw. 94th & 93rd, west side of 2nd Avenue - looking S
At long last -- the first new section of sidewalk on the west side of 2nd Avenue! The first sign that some sense of normalcy may soon return for pedestrians and merchants on this side of the avenue.

Another view, looking NW, of the same short (20') section of new concrete. (Yes, I know that it's not very exciting... but I'm sure that those of us who live in the area will be very happy to be walking down a sidewalk again, instead of navigating the maze of temporary walkways that are in place today.)

btw. 94th and 95th - looking N
One block north, it's still very clear that workers have much more to do, before the regular walking paths return.

94th street intersection, NW corner - looking S
If you look carefully you can see the new sewer manhole that has been installed, and is now being covered over.

Another look inside the same hole at this intersection.

just south of 95th street - looking N
This very large section of flexible pipe appeared at the work site in the past week or so. I assume, because of its color, that it's a new gas main.

Another view - at the SW corner of 95th looking S

A temporary water shut-off notice from the NYC Department of Environmental Protection.

These two posters could be seen in the windows of a few of the shops on 2nd Avenue.

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