Saturday, December 29, 2007

December 29, 2007

92nd street, NW corner - looking SW
Steel I Beams being loaded on to a truck.

93rd street, NW corner - looking north
The new sewer main is in place, at this location, and is now being covered over.

94th street, SW corner - looking south
A piece of 48" pipe waiting to be placed into the trench and connected to the new sewer main.

btw. 93rd and 94th, west side of the street - looking S
The trench on the right is for the new sewer main and the utility lines that are being relocated.

- - -

The images that follow show the current state of the west side of each intersection on 2nd Avenue from 91st up to 95th. I thought that these images might be useful for the next Community Board Number 8 meeting on January 29th. (Now rescheduled for March 3rd.)

At most intersections traffic has been squeezed into one lane and only one pedestrian walkway is open. But, as you can see, many pedestrians walk wherever they want.

The images "looking east" were taken from a position approx. 100 feet from the west edge of 2nd Avenue.

91st street

looking east
(Note that this street, 91st between 2nd and 3rd, has been closed to through traffic for years.)

92nd Street

looking east

looking west from the SE corner

93rd street

looking east

also looking east
Note the pedestrian walking in the active roadway instead of on the temporary walkway.

looking west from the NE corner
Again, another pedestrian walking in the street instead of on the temporary walkway.

94th street

looking east

looking west from the SE corner
Note the "Yes We Are Open" sign in the window of the shop on the left.

95th street

looking east

looking west from the NE corner
Crossing 95th street on the west side of the 2nd Avenue is dangerous at night, based on my personal experiences. Drivers turning from 2nd Avenue west onto 95th cannot easily see the pedestrian signal because it is located way over near the corner of the brick building on the left. The lighting on the west side of this intersection is also inedequate.

93rd street, SE corner - at the site office

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