Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bids Opened for 96th St Station
Finishes Contract

Updated 6/25/12
The MTA has formally awarded this contract to the joint venture of E.E. Cruz and Company and Tully Construction Company Inc.

Updated 5/23/12
The low bid for this contact was entered by a joint venture of E.E. Cruz/Tully Construction, not [just] E.E. Cruz as was originally noted in the original posting.

The source of the error was this misleading entry in the MTA's Bid Results web site: Bid Results - RFQ Number 16762.


The bids for the 96th Street Station Finishes contract were opened by the MTA last week. The low bidder was E.E. Cruz / Tully Construction with a bid of of $324.6 million.

This is the eighth of ten contracts for the construction of Phase 1 of the Second Avenue Subway.

96th Street and Second Avenue, SW corner
Artist's rendering of Entrance No. 3 for the
future 96th Street Station
Courtesy of MTA Capital Construction

Quoting from the MTA's Solicitation Notice for this contract:
The work under this project includes, but is not limited to the rehabilitation and retro-fit of the existing 99th - 105th Street Tunnel;

construction of invert slab and benches in the new existing 87th - 92nd Street Tunnels and in the northern section of the 97th - 99th Street Tunnel;

supply and installation of mechanical systems including HVAC work in the station and ancillaries, and tunnel ventilation systems in the adjacent tunnels;

supply and installation of electrical medium voltage and 120V systems including electrical distribution in the station and adjacent tunnel areas, uninterruptable power systems, and lighting and emergency lighting in the station and adjacent tunnels;

supply and installation of plumbing including the track drainage system, hot and cold water supply, sanitary and storm drainage and pump systems, and fire suppression;

supply and installation of elevators and escalators in the station and entrances; construction of the station platform and mezzanine levels, ancillaries and entrances;

construction of interior walls and rooms; installation of architectural finishes including floors, ceiling and wall treatments, signage, stairs, handrails and guardrails, and station elements including the Station Service Center, Dispatcher's Office, and Concession Booth;

construction of building exteriors including walls and roofing, and glazed 'store-fronts' and canopies at station entrances and ancillaries;
obtain all necessary permits;

maintain traffic in accordance with Maintenance and Protection of Traffic Requirements;

restore the surface of Second Avenue and adjacent streets;

remove temporary road deck installed in previous contracts; and

perform maintenance of the station.
(Notice how the phrase "Station Service Center" is used rather than the outdated term "token booth.")

E.E. Cruz/Tully is no stranger to the Second Avenue project. They , and Tully Construction, were awarded the contract for the 96th Station Heavy Civil and Structures contract back in May 2009.

The seven bids that were submitted for the 96th Street Station Finishes contact were as follows:

Contract C-26010
96th Street Station Entrance, Ancillary Buildings,
Finishes and MEP Equipment

Second Ave Subway Project
E.E. Cruz and Company Inc. / Tully - $324,600,000
Judlau Contracting Inc. - $332,281,000
Perini Corp. $349,759,000
Schiavone Construction Co., Inc. - $367,583,000
Citnalta Construction Corp. - $386,527,000
Skanska USA Civil Northeast Inc. - $411,600,000
Granite Construction Northeast Ind. - $417,410,000

Source:  MTA Bid Results - RFQ Number 16762

Most of the bids for earlier contracts on this project were submitted by groups of construction companies acting in joint ventures (e.g. the contract for the Launch Box and TBM Tunnels was awarded to Skanska USA Civil, Schiavone Construction, and J.F. Shea Construction -- a joint venture under the name S3 Tunnel Constructors.)

It's interesting to note that the bids for this contract were submitted by individual companies rather than joint venture companies.


According to the December 2011 Integrated Project Schedule (found in MTA Capital Construction's 4Q2011 SAS Report), construction on this contract was set to begin at the end of April 2012.  This date must have been pushed back a few weeks; I could imagine that they are now waiting until the contract is formally awarded before they start work.

Construction of the new Second Avenue Subway 96th Street station is scheduled to be completed in about three years -- around July 2015.


John said...

Is this bid better or worse than expected?

The Launch Box said...

I would say that this bid is much better (lower) than expected.

The current budget for this contract is about $439.3 million.

The low bid came in at $324.6 million. But you need to add somewhere between 7% and 20% to account for contingencies and utility work.

If you go with 7% for contingencies & utilities you get a total cost of $347.3 million. If you say that the contingencies & utilities will cost an additional 20% than you get a total cost of $389.5 million.

Bottom line, the total cost will probably come in about $50-$90 million below the current budget for this contract.


Anonymous said...

Woo-hoo! That's good news.

Has the MTA released updated Gantt charts? I suspect that the critical path is still 86th St. Station, but it would be interesting to know.

The Launch Box said...

The gant chart that I think you're referring to can be found on this link.

It is my understanding that the contracts to build the new 86th Street station remains on the critical schedule path.