Monday, June 14, 2010

Contract C-26007

An Update - 7/29/10
It was announced at the July 26th meeting of the MTA Board of Directors New York City Transit Committee meeting that the low bidder [OHL/Tully JV] for this contract has "declared an error" (i.e. a bid mistake) and apparently they have withdrawn their bid.

The MTA at this time is in the process of qualifying the 2nd lowest bidder, SSK Constructors JV, for this contract.

Sections of the prior posting that are no longer relevant have been crossed out.

An Update - 10/1/10
This contract was awarded to SSK Constructors JV on October 1, 2010.
The award amount was $431,180,260.


Here are the recently released bid results for Contract C-26007 - which is the first of two major contracts for the new Second Avenue subway 72nd Street station.

Bid Number: C-26007
Bid Open Date: 6/10/2010

Vendor Name: Bid Amount
1. OHL/TULLY CAVERN JV - $319,229,925
2. SSK CONSTRUCTORS JV - $447,180,260

Source: MTA Bid Results web page - Contract C-26007

This contract is for the demolition of existing buildings, relocation of utilities, station cavern mining/lining and other heavy civil work - for the 72nd Street station. (Further details can be found on this link to the Invitation For Bid Notice.)

In all likelihood the contract will be awarded to the low bidder, which is an entity known as OHL/Tully Cavern JV. The two parties of the joint venture (JV) appear to be the large Spanish-based construction company Obrascón Huarte Lain, S.A., and Tully Construction Co., Inc. of Flushing, New York.

The low bid came in at $319,229,925. Notably, this amount is about 50% LESS than the $649,300,000 that was allocated for this contract in the amended version of the MTA's 2005-2009 Capital Program Budget from July 2008.

Actual construction on this part of the project is currently scheduled to start later this summer.

The next contract to be put out to bid is Contract 3, the 63rd Street Station Upgrade, some time this summer.


A short note about the TBM mining of the west tunnel (Tunnel No. 1):

The TBM has NOT yet started to actively mine the 1st tunnel.

At the moment the TBM is currently in the initial mining phase where all of the components of the operation, including the machine and the conveyor, are being tested together.

Over the past few weeks, since the ceremonial launch on May 14th, the MTA's contractors have been working to complete the assembly of the TBM including the hydraulics, electrical and the conveyor system and then begin the process of "probing" to check the rock ahead that is about to be mined. (The probing operation, which is an integral part of the actual mining process, is done about every 80 feet, I'm told.)

The cutterhead of the TBM is currently just south of 92nd Street at a point that is 16 feet south of the rock face of the west starter tunnel. In other words, the TBM has mined 16 feet of rock during its initial testing phase.

When I asked one worker what was going on down there he said, "that they're working out a few kinks with the machine."

In some ways this delay should not be a great surprise. For the past two months or so, the contractors have been assembling a large and very complex piece of equipment. Everything must be set up just right and tested before they can start the first tunnel drive down Second Avenue.

The vertical conveyor (located between 92nd and 93rd streets) is also in the process of being tested and from what I saw this morning, it would appear to be ready to go.

A final note -- the MTA's most recent Second Avenue Subway Construction Look Ahead schedule says that the tunnel boring machine will be "activated" between June 8th and June 28th.

I, for one, would be willing to bet that the TBM will start to actively bore the first tunnel in the next week or two.

Let's hope so.


In other news, here's the winning entry from the Second Avenue Business Association's (SABA) "Take Your Best Shot" photo contest:

"The Deconstruction of Construction with a Side of Snow"
© Galo A. Delgado II/The Photo Blog
Used with Permission

The image was taken by Mr. Delgado from the 14th floor of the Knickerbocker Plaza building at 1751 Second Avenue (between 91st and 92nd streets.)

The photographer extended his camera out his window using a tripod and opened the shutter for a 13 second exposure.

The second, third and fourth place entries in the contest can be found on this link to the SABA website.


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