Saturday, September 22, 2007

September 22, 2007

94th, NW corner - looking north
Excavation work has now begun, between 94th and 95th on the west side of the avenue, under what was the old sidewalk -- i.e the area right next to the buildings. These signs were put up in the past week.

95th, in the center of 2nd Avenue - looking south
Here you see the temporary walkway for pedestrians - in the middle of 2nd Avenue. Access to Terrace Cleaners is now provided via a temporary walkway that has been created about a 1/3rd of the way down on the right.

And here you see the walking path that leads to the front door of Terrace Cleaners.

94th, near the NW corner - looking north
Here you see a narrow path to the HILTI shop (which is empty) and the front door of a walk up apartment building.

and the same path

95th, NW corner - looking south
Here you see another access path that only leads to the laundry and a walk up apartment building.

94th, near NW corner - looking N
If you look carefully you can see the words "slurry wall" on the jersey barrier in this image. The slurry wall, I believe, is the outer edge of The Launch Box - so I would assume that everything (i.e. utilities, sewer lines, etc.) in this image has to be moved to the left of this marking.

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